Wednesday, May 12, 2010

BICSI Fiber Optics and Wireless Technologies - Computer Training Consultants

We at Computer Training Consultants are offering 'Standards Based' key certification tracks to enable you in keeping up with innovations, trends and emerging technologies in copper, Fiber optics, and wireless site surveys and installations.

Computer Training Consultants have been successfully training organizations such as Lawrence Livermore National Labs. OC communications, VTMilcom, Verizon Business, NASA Moffett field, and Stanford Research International in low-voltage electrical standards, fiber optics, wireless standards and IT networking for over 17 years.
Computer Training Consultants offers following core tracks and value added services:
  1. BICSI IN101, IN225 Copper, IN250 Fiber, and TE350 Technician training tracks
  2. Fiber Optics FOA Certification Course
  3. Advanced Fiber Modules: Fiber Optic Cable Prep, Fiber Optic connectorization, Optical Loss Testing, OTDR, and Fusion Splicing
  4. CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)
  5. Wireless certification prep
  6. Wireless Site Survey workshop for Telecom technicians - NEW
  7. Over 120 relevant online courses in our LMS
  8. Consulting services for assessing effectiveness of delivered training vs. organizational goals
Computer Training Consultants is centrally located at:
1245 South Winchester Blvd, Suite 300
San Jose, CA - 95128
Phone: 408.380.0600
Email: info AT

View an OTDR demo at Computer Training Consultants by Randy of Group IV