Wireless Standards and Site Surveying Techniques

“From wireless sensor networks to wireless connectivity to Telecom applications, emerging wireless-based products are beginning to penetrate the market. While growth in some sectors has been slowed by current economic conditions, the overall picture today is one of general positive market expansion”.

- Kirsten West, principal analyst
(West Technology Research Solutions 2009)

The ‘Wireless for Technicians’ training workshop offered by Computer Training Consultants will help existing telecom technicians add on skills required for the 'Wireless Wave' of the future. The added skills will facilitate deeper penetration into the expanding telecom and wireless markets with minimum investment and zero HR turnover.

Topics Covered -

  1. Roles and accountability within the wireless networking industry.
  2. Summary of the basic attributes and advantages of key WLAN standards, amendments, and product certifications.
  3. Identifying the purpose, features, and functions of given wireless network components. Choosing the appropriate installation or configuration steps in a given scenario.
  4. Discussion and hands-on sessions of various scenarios.
  5. Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals
  6. Site Surveying and Installation - Understand and describe the requirements to gather information prior to the site survey and reporting after the site survey
  7. Define and differentiate between WLAN system architectures and understand site survey concepts related to each architecture. Identify and explain best practices for access point placement and density.
  8. Applications, Support, and Troubleshooting
  9. Security and Compliance
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